Dress Code

Attire for all members and guests shall apply to all areas of clubhouse, grounds (including the driving range), and the golf course. Blue jeans allowed in bar & patio area only. Blue jeans must not be frayed or torn in any way.

A. Prohibited Attire

  1.  Bathing suits
  2.  Tank tops
  3.  Halter tops
  4.  Blue jeans, denim shorts, and denim skirts except in Bar and Patio area
  5.  Athletic gym wear and tennis shorts
  6. Hats or caps in the Banquet or Dining Rooms by gentlemen
  7.  Caps worn with the bill in the back

B. Mandatory Attire

  1. Women – Shirts, sweaters over shirts, or turtleneck sweaters
  2. Men – Shirts with collars and sleeves, sweaters over shirts with collars, or turtleneck sweaters. Shirts must be tucked into the pants unless they are specifically designed to be worn outside.
  3. Shorts for both men and women should be no higher than three inches (3”) above the knee.

The Clubhouse Manager, Director of Golf, and their staff are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.

Thank you for your cooperation!