Green Fees

Social Member $50 per round
Invited Guest
Member must accompany guest or make arrangement for another member to accompany the invited guest
$50 per round
Applicant "Top 15 on Wait List"
Applicant (in top fifteen on posting or waiting list) and spouse, only, may play at non-designated member times
$50 per round
Unhosted Guest from Private Club
Member of "local" private club generally located between Bakersfield and Stockton
$75 - $125 per round
Member of other private club, which would extend guest privileges to Fort Washington members. Guest fee determined by Director of Golf

$65 per round
Guest of Social Member
Spouse and children of member considered guest
$75 per round
Guest of Board of Directors
Boards Member must accompany guest. Board member may have more than one guest on Saturday between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Unhosted Guest-Professional Status / Other
Privileges shall not be conferred on any individual more than six (6) times per year
TBD by Board of Directors on case basis


A member may host six (6) guests per calendar year on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday after 1:00 pm.    
   No individual may be a guest more than ten(10) times per calendar year, if a member of a private club, and six(6) times per calendar year, otherwise.