Junior Playing Privilege (JPP)

1. A Junior Playing Privileges (JPP) membership may be issued to individuals who have attained the age of 16, but are not older than 21 years of age. The Board of Directors may also grant Junior Playing Privileges to persons under sixteen (16) years of age upon the affirmative recommendation of the membership committee and six (6) affirmative votes of the Board of Directors.

2. The membership is a non-proprietary membership with the member having no rights to vote, hold office, propose new members, or transfer the membership. The membership includes the member only, and provides no privileges for the member’s family.

3. The JPP member pays monthly dues, building assessment fee, and range fee, but no minimum for food and beverage purchases.

4. The guardians of an applicant for JPP membership will execute a form letter provided by the Club with the membership application indicating that the payment of all dues, assessments and charges of the JPP member will be the responsibility of the guardians.

5. Applications for these memberships will be processed in the order received and will only be processed if the applicaiton is complete and the required payment accompanies the application.

6. Junior Playing Privilege memberships are currently limited to fifteen (15) by the Board of Directors.