Non-Resident Playing Privilege (NRPP)

1. Non-Resident Playing Privelage members (NRPP) are former Regular or Regular Firm proprietary members who were members in good standing for 10 or more years, whose primary residence (as reasonably determined by the Board) is 100 miles or more from Fresno and meet other qualifications or conditions which the Board my impose from time to time.

2. NRPP members and/or spouse will be limited to 36 tee times per year and pay monthly dues at 50% of Regular proprietary dues. Member and spouse playing together considered 1 tee time. If limit of tee times exceeded, member and spouse will each pay the green fee for accompanied guest for each excessive tee time. Members will be required to pay a range fee and Clubhouse minimum at 50% of Regular members payment.

3. NRPP members may only participate in general Fort Washington tournaments as a guest of a member except may participate in events sponsored by the Couples Club, Senior Club and Women’s Club if they are members of those clubs. 18-hole events sponsored by those clubs will count toward the 36 tee time maximum; 9 hole evening events will not count.

4. NRPP may have guests per club policy with each required to pay the accompanied guest fee.