Regular Firm Membership

1. A Regular Firm (R-F) membership certificate is issued jointly in the name of a firm and the individual named as the “Regular Firm Member” for the firm.

2. The “Regular Firm Member” must be an individual who is an owner, shareholder, officer, director or a full-time employee of the firm. The membership is a proprietary membership with the “Regular Firm Member” having the right to vote, hold office, propose new members, transfer the membership to the Club, and have use of all the Club’s facilities. The membership includes the member, the member’s spouse and member’s children under age 21 and living at home or under 23 and a full-time student at an educational institution.

3. The R-F member is subject to the same dues, assessments, range fee and minimum food and beverage purchases as a Regular proprietary member.

4. The initiation fee for an R-F membership is the same as a Regular proprietary membership.

5. As long as the R-F membership is maintained continuously with no break in club affiliation, the firm will be allowed to change, substitute or replace the R-F member without payment of a transfer fee. The replacement member will be required to complete an application for membership and be approved for membership in accordance with the By-Laws.

6. An Associate Firm (A-F) membership may be issued in conjunction with the R-F membership. (See separate sheet for details of the A-F membership.)

7. R-F memberships require an executive officer of the firm to provide a form letter provided by the Club with the membership application indicating that the payment of all dues, assessments and charges of the R-F (and A-F member, if applicable) will be the responsibility of the firm and specifying each applicant’s position with the firm.

8. The R-F member shall have the right to transfer the membership to the Club and may be required to pay a transfer fee that cannot exceed 50% of the initiation fee charge to the replacement member in accordance with Section 4.5 of the Club’s By-Laws.

9. Applications for membership will be processed in the order received and will only be processed if the application is complete and the required payment accompanies the application.