Spouses Playing Privilege (SPP)

1. Spouses Playing Privileges (SSP) may be issued to the surviving spouses of deceased Regular Proprietary members or spouses of members who have been Regular Proprietary members for at least twenty (20) years and are now, because of a permanent physical or mental disability, unable to participate in golf. The privilege does not apply to such spouses or persons who are the “Regular Firm Member” under a Regular Firm membership or any other persons.

2. The granting of SPP shall be by application and in accordance with the procedures established by the By-Laws for membership application.

3. The membership is a non-proprietary membership with the member having no rights to vote, hold office, propose new members, or transfer the membership. The membership includes the member only, and provides only Clubhouse privileges for the member’s family, and only for as long as the surviving spouse remains unmarried or married to the permanently disabled spouse.

4. The SPP member pays monthly dues, building assessment fee, and range fee, but no minimum for food or beverage purchases.

5. Although there are no limitations as to the number of allowable SPP memberships, the Board of Directors at its sole discretion may at any time so limit the number of these memberships.

6. Spousal playing privilege membership shall be automatically terminated on the first day of the month following the remarriage of the spouse. Spousal playing privileges shall also automatically terminate on the first day of the month following the divorce of a spouse from the disabled former Regular Proprietary Member with respect to whom the spousal playing privileges were granted.